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A DC-born and Brooklyn-based Art Director and Designer armed with a Wacom Tablet, 10 years of experience across a slew of clients, and a rather impressive set of dance moves. I like to keep things fun and light-hearted, preferably with 2 fingers of bourbon and an XBox controller.

Whether you’d like to chat about next design challenge, a full-blown branding solution, a promo video with or without lens flares, a logo for your artisanal chutney startup, or if you’d just want a formidable Soul Calibur V opponent, feel free to email me.

You can check out my resume here. 

Quick rundown of skills


You have a great idea, but just need someone to give it visual life? Hit me up; I’ve done everything from logo design to creating full brand styleguides and sets of marketing collateral.

Design + Development

There are actual developers who are light years smarter than I am; I love working with them as I can focus on just designing. However, I have a good command of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AS2 + 3, and building custom WordPress templates. So yeah, I can design your website and code it up.


Be it animated illustration or video editing, I’ve been playing in motion for about 8 years now. It began with Actionscripting and Flash Banners up the wazzoo, but I’ve moved on to HTML5 and After Effects. Life has been beautiful ever since, and I know some great videographers.


My actual major. I still shoot when I can, and love to incorporate photography into my design projects. It also helps when a client needs headshots in a pinch.

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