WSJ 125

Art Direction - Branding - Web Design - Video

125 Years of Looking Forward

The Talent Development team at Dow Jones was tasked with concepting and executing our 125th Anniversary celebration for the Wall Street Journal. The challenge was that it had to be global, it had to be digitally savvy, and at the end of the day, it had to be a damn good party.

I started by creating an introductory video that honored the history or journalism. Working with a videographer, we went down to the WSJ archives to find a treasure trove of vintage items, just waiting to be dusted off and showcased. The output was a visual and aural collage of 125 years of delivering the news.

Next step was to create an internal website that would house the photos of the vintage items, along with raffles for prizes, a rotating feed of the office celebrations around the globe, and a link to our party photobooths in London, Hong Kong and New York.

Lastly, we created a swag package as a present to every employee worldwide, showcasing our 125 logo. We went with a gift bag containing a Moleskine notebook, a silver “news” scoop (folks really liked that punny gift…,) a battery pack and a Bluetooth speaker.