This was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. My time at DJ (as the cool kids would call it) was what really shaped my love for using visuals to tell branded stories, mentor junior creatives, and educate colleagues.


While I collaborated with the Marketing department often, I was actually stationed under the Talent Development arm of Dow Jones’ HR department, focusing on internal marketing, employee development programs, and digital HR Systems. Oh, and tons of parties. News folks love to party.

125th anniversary branded photobooth


The biggest joy of Dow Jones was their commitment to training their staff to be better each day. I led the branding and visual design of the Digital Journalism at Dow Jones Program (DJ@DJ), a quarterly week-long event that bridged the gap between the print and digital worlds of journalism and publishing. After successful runs in NY, we scaled the program to our London and Hong Kong offices, perfecting my skills in event logistics and building curricula under the best manager and instructional designer (shout-out to Arvae McCreary).

All in all, we were in charge of making sure that our teams across the globe felt supported in all ways possible. This ranged from creating a quarterly happy hour/panel for new employees to meet executives, promoting new time-tracking software through an explainer videos, or creating a Twister-inspired game that connected traits between Myers-Briggs profiles for a holiday event. The projects themselves were all over the map in terms of output and medium, but the focus was always the same; people first.