”I miss the version with the hot doctor.”

Being the creative director for a health marketing company has presented some of the most interesting challenges in Branding. How do you maintain an air of trust while pushing the boundaries of targeting? How do you speak simultaneously to legacy general market clients and new health specific partnerships? And how do you tastefully dedicate a conference room to mullets?

Leading Health Forward

New 2020 Logo

For 2020, PulsePoint needed a new face. The technology has always been strong, but how we talked about the company as a whole was evolving. 2019 was spent working in-depth on our positioning and our brand story to align with being 100% health-focused, while ultimately pushing the power of our tech forward.

So our story grew up a bit. Not too much, but we graduated from a quirky and colorful tech outfit, to a sleek, modern and bold technology brand, focused on improving health outcomes.

Pre 2017 and 2019
2020 Rebrand

Goodbye to purple washes, and hello to color pops and bold typography. The palette allows us to still have personality, but it’s grounded with a set of neutral greys.

Have Fun or Go Home

As soon as you step off the elevator, you know you’re in for something a little different.

The office culture is up front and center at all points in the physical space. While the external branding toned down a bit, we kept the bright colors and wild themes ever present in our common areas, walkways and conference rooms. There aren't just fun names; every room is dedicated head-to-toe in a theme, (folks love themes and alliteration here) ranging from the confection-filled Candyland (yes, you can eat the candy), the gaming-focused Pac-Man, or my personal project, the Mullet Room. ("Business" Boardroom table in the front, "Party" leather lounge chairs in the back)

Office Stairwell, Mullet Room Mural

What Happens in Vegas…

Speaking of themes. Every year there is a theme that rallies the company around a singular goal. It’s always a fun way to bring focus; examples include “Health, Wealth and Happiness” “Scaling the Peak” “Crossing the Chasm”. A big output of that theme is the creation of the *drumroll* Annual Retreat. PulsePoint goes all out for parties just when they’re in the office. Imagine the level of pomp and circumstance when you’re flying the entire company from NYC, SF, London, and the various global locations of our satellite employees. A sheet cake and some streamers ain’t gonna cut it. First things first; the logo (because the swag needed to be ordered yesterday)

Then it’s location and logistics. Partnering with the People Team, I help create a 3-8 day mini-branded experience with signage, wayfinding, microsites, presentation templates, video assets, and the occasional interactive game or two. So far I’ve had a cruise to Bermuda, a trip in the Poconos, hiking the Grand Canyon, and high-rollin’ at the Hard Rock Las Vegas. Let me tell you; booze budgets for an international team of tech folks are always higher than you’d think.

#PeakPulsePoint at the Evolution at Elevation Retreat

With 2020 keeping us all on lockdown, this year I helped create our first virtual retreat, running our video command center from my Brooklyn HQ (my couch surrounded by 2 computers and two mobile devices