”It's winQs. With a Q. No, you're saying it right.”

Your Content, Your Way

qbeats was a startup looking to bring an a-la-carte experience to premium news subscriptions, and that resonated with me. I mean, I really just want the recipe for pasta alla norma; I don’t need a membership and login for the whole newspaper. I’m just here to cook.

The Winqs widget (product design by Nathan Jones)

The idea was solid; allow people to pay for an article with money, or through watching an ad. The system would determine an objective value of the article based on market demand of the subject matter, content, writing style, and pair that data into the partnership with the publication.

Rebrand Website

As art director, I ran the brand evolution with a full new website, pitch presentations, and even threw some keyframes in for some brand videos (luckily, our sales executive was also a voice actor!)