Crossing the Chasm
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2019's theme for PulsePoint was Crossing the Chasm, referring to the technology adoption lifecycle and the creation of a series of new health data products. Keeping squarely on theme, the company took everyone to the largest chasm we could think of - the Grand Canyon. And since everyone good business venture incorporates just a little bit of luck, we also ventured to Vegas for some high stakes team challenges.

I took the theme and ran with following on of my favorite obsessions; video games. This year, the main logo and t-shirt featured my two illustrated mascots Molly and Gene (based on the Molecule and Genome product lines, nudge nudge wink wink), and I created an custom avatar builder so every employee could put themselves in 16-Bit glory. Feel free to play it yourself! (best viewed on mobile or Safari desktop).

Upon arrival to our hotel in Arizona, we gave a branded gift package including a QR-coded nametag; perfect for meeting the employees from around the globe, and directly connecting to the retreat microsite that housed the corporate challenges, team games and the avatar builder.